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FAQs about the Community

CDD, Board of Supervisors, and Assessments

The CDD provides recreation facilities/programs; common area landscape maintenance/ irrigation; storm water retention pond maintenance; walls, fences, sidewalks and village entrance maintenance; streetlights; residential property trash collection; deed restriction enforcement; and architectural review for residential properties.

There are five supervisors on the CDD. Members are elected to the Board of Supervisors during the General Elections conducted by the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections in November of even numbered years. They are elected to four year terms. Two supervisors will be elected in 2018 and the three other supervisors in 2020.

The Board normally meets on the first and third Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM in the Meadow Pointe 1 Community Center. Check the calendar for exact dates. Residents are welcome to attend the meetings!

The CDD assessments are collected by the Pasco County Tax Collector along with other property taxes. Taxes are due March 31 of each year. Property Owners receive a discount of up to four percent if taxes are paid between November and February. Maximum discount is received if taxes/assessments are paid by November 30.

Each year the Board of Supervisors, with the assistance of its District Manager and Operations Manager, develops a budget for the following fiscal year. The budget establishes what the District estimates will be spent and the amount of assessments required. The budget is adopted after a Budget Public Hearing that normally occurs during a CDD meeting in July. Residents are welcome to attend.

For residential and commercial properties, the assessment consists of an amount required to fund the Operations & Maintenance of the CDD and its facilities. This is referred to as the General Fund. Additionally, residential property owners pay additional amounts to cover the expenses of providing residential trash collection and enforcement of deed restrictions and conducting architectural review.

Architectural Review: Remodeling and Painting

Any new building, including sheds, and any modification to the exterior of existing buildings on residential lots within the CDD require review by the CDD prior to any work being performed. This includes screened enclosures, screened entryways, changes to doors and windows, painting, and shingles. When in doubt, contact the clubhouse for guidance. 973-1671

No, you don’t need Architectural Review to install a new fence or to change an existing fence. However, you still must comply with the requirements of your deed restrictions. For example, chain link fences are not allowed on residential properties in the CDD. Fences must not be placed where they will block access to easements. They may not be connected to walls that are maintained by the CDD. They may not be placed in the setback required by your deed restrictions. Generally, typical wood or vinyl fences are fine. Check paragraph 11 and 15 of your deed restrictions for detailed information. Remember, a permit must be obtained from Pasco County for fences.

You don’t need Architectural Review for pools. However, pool cages (screened enclosures) do require review. Happy swimming!

Sure! The two approved paint colors for mailbox posts can be purchased at the CDD Office. Bring proof of Meadow Pointe I residency and $15 cash. Residents may also purchase the paint from Home Depot. The brand is Glidden and they will mix it according to what they have on file for Meadow Pointe 1.

Conservation Area

South West Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) permits MOWING BEHIND FENCES on conservation lots in Meadow Pointe. Residents living on conservation lots are allowed to mow or clear the area behind their fences (3-4 feet) to prevent encroachment of conservation vegetation.

First, verify exactly where your property line is from your survey. You can cut branches that are growing over your property. If you believe a tree in a conservation area is a hazard to your property, contact the CDD Operations Manager, Keith Fisk, at 973-9671. He will investigate and work with the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) to resolve the problem.

Trash Collection & Recycling

Waste Connections allows six cans, bundles, or items for pick up on garbage days. Tree or shrub waste must be cut into 4-foot lengths and bundled with twine. Large or heavy items (mattresses, appliances, except TVs, exercise equipment) will be picked up by Waste Connections for an extra fee. You must call them to make arrangements at 727-849-3333. You may also take large items to the East Pasco Transfer Station at 9636 Handcart Road. Hazardous waste items are accepted. Call before going (352) 521-0500.

Meadow Pointe residents have several options to recycle.

  • Glass & Plastic. Curbside recycling is the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month. Items for recycling are aluminum cans, metal food cans, glass containers (clear, green and brown), and plastic containers (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and #7). You cannot use plastic bags. Use any container that you designate with a "Curb It Pasco" sticker on it facing the street. You can pick up the stickers in the CDD office, or contact Waste Connections of Florida (727-847-9100).
  • Newspapers & other paper products. Paper and cardboard is collected curbside along with your glass and plastic in Pasco County! All items can be mixed together in your own containers displaying a "Curb It Pasco" stiker.
  • Batteries cell phones & ink cartridges. Our schools collect these and receive cash rewards which go directly back to help our students. If you have spent batteries (AAA, AA, C, D), old cell phones, or used printer cartridges, consider donating them to the schools in our community, you’ll be helping both our schools and our landfills!
  • Electronics. Recycle those old TVs, computers, and other electronics that contain hazardous materials by dropping them off at the East Pasco Household Hazardous Waste Transfer Station at 9626 Handcart Road. Call (352) 521- 0500 for more information.

Your Neighborhood

Contact Tampa Electric at 223-0800 or through their web site to report the problem. You will need the pole number on the tag, the location, and whether the light remains off/on or goes off and on intermittently.

According to a Tampa Electric representative, the instant off/on of the electric power is a safety response to protect against long electric outages. When a tree branch, bird or animal comes in contact with an electric line, the electric will go off and on. Note: If none of your neighbors are experiencing these outages, there may be a problem with your home electric. Notify Tampa Electric at 877-588-1010.

Vehicles parked in the street are in violation of Pasco County Code, unless they have a County issued parking permit. Parking permits may be obtained from the Clubhouse. Other vehicles should be reported to the Pasco County Sheriff’s non-emergency number 727-847-8102.

Pasco potable (drinking) watering regulations can be found by clicking this link.

Reclaimed water hours Info: 996-7341 or 800-368-2411 (ext. 8131, 8145, 8041)
Watering times: 12:01 am to 8:00 am or 6:00 pm to 11:59 pm

Addresses ending in:

  • 0-1: Tuesday/Friday
  • 2-3: Thursday/Sunday
  • 4-5: Monday/Friday
  • 6-7: Tuesday/ Saturday
  • 8-9: Wednesday/Sunday

Also see the Pasco County watering restrictions website.

The plastic Potable (drinkable) and Reclaimed (purple) water boxes and lids can be replaced free of charge if broken or missing. For more information, call Pasco County Utilities Services at 996-7341.

Sidewalks within the Meadow Pointe villages belong to the residents, and residents are responsible for the repair and maintenance (not the District or County).

Storm Sewers are the responsibility of Pasco County, if these sewers become plugged inside and will not allow storm water to flow to the pond system. Residents must make sure debris does not block the entrances to the storm sewers, however.

Glad you asked! Our newsletter has great tips for caring for your lawn and garden throughout the year. Please take a look at our past newsletters.

Using MP Clubhouse and Recreation Facilities

Meadow Pointe is proud to offer a lap pool which is heated in the winter and chilled in the summer. In addition, we have another pool, splash pad and cabana, tennis, basketball, racquetball, volleyball, shuffleboard courts and fitness center. There is also tot lot and playground. Three party/activity rooms are available for rental. There is also a walkup park in Pinedale village with a basketball, all purpose court and playground.

You can only reserve the racquetball court one day in advance for a one hour block. However, if you have been playing a long time and there are others waiting to use the facilities, we encourage you to be courteous and allow the next residents to play.

All residents within Meadow Pointe (I) and their guests may use the Meadow Pointe (I) facilities.

Parties/Rentals of the Clubhouse/Pool

Due to the high demand for the Cabana by the lower pool and splash pad, reservations are taken for 2.5 hour blocks. 

Parties may be booked by authorized users no more than three months in advance of the party date, on a first-come, first served basis. Authorized users will be required to complete a Reservation Request Form, available at the park office and execute a “Cabana License Agreement.”

Attendance will be limited to 25 participants, including the user making the reservation. The last party of the day must end at 6:30 p.m. The license agreement is for the cabana only, not the splash pad, pools, or the pool deck, which will still be available for all authorized users of the facilities.

A security deposit for damages and cleanup in the amount of $50 will be collected at the time the reservation is made. If there is no damage and the cabana is cleaned up, the deposit will be returned at the conclusion of the reserved time.

Stop by the clubhouse and fill out a MP I CDD Rental Request Form. You can check on availability for the date you want. You’ll need to bring two checks—one for the rental and one for the deposit. The check for the deposit will be returned to you two business days after the party, provided there is no property damage and the venue is properly cleaned. Once the paperwork and checks are received, the room can be reserved. The resident will be required to sign a clubhouse license agreement to reserve the room. Rules, fees, and occupancy restrictions are listed on the rental request form. The fee for reserving the clubhouse for a party is $50 plus tax for 4 hours. Deposit is $200.

Yes! The limit is 48 people in Building C (racquetball building) and 60 people in Building A, per the Fire Code.

You should know that alcoholic beverages are not allowed at the clubhouse or anywhere at the recreation facilities. We ask that the facility be cleaned after your party is over, and we are glad to show you where to find the broom and extra trash bags if you need some. If your party is at the pool, please respect other swimmers by not playing music too loudly, and being mindful of any children in your group.

Check with the Clubhouse personnel If there is a room available on the dates and times your group would like to meet, most likely it will be fine. The rules for free meeting rooms are that your group cannot charge members for attending, and please respect Clubhouse property.

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